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Controlling intestinal lipid absorption is an important strategy for maintaining lipid homeostasis. Accumulation of lipids in the liver is a major risk factor for metabolic syndrome and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It is well-known that sphingomyelin (SM) can inhibit intestinal cholesterol absorption. It is, however, unclear if dietary SM also lowers(More)
We review data mining and related computer science techniques that have been studied in the area of drug safety to identify signals of adverse drug reactions from different data sources, such as spontaneous reporting databases, electronic health records, and medical literature. Development of such techniques has become more crucial for public heath,(More)
Here, a Web of Things case study for agriculture focuses on an experimental smart farm that uses a range of environmental sensors and livestock monitoring technologies. An ontology-enabled architecture that permits personal alert specification was applied on the farm and the results analyzed; the observations are published as a linked data cube, which(More)
Real-time computation of data streams over affordable virtualized infrastructure resources is an important form of data in motion processing architecture. However, processing such data streams while ensuring strict guarantees on quality of services is problematic due to: (i) uncertain stream arrival pattern; (ii) need of processing different types of(More)
GSN is an open source middleware designed for managing data produced by sensors deployed in a sensor network. We have extended the GSN to enable (i) semantically aware preparation, exchange and processing of the data (ii) user specified event processing for alerts, and (iii) associate sensor data to things. Here, we demonstrate our smart farm as a use case(More)
Resource usage estimation for managing streaming workload in emerging applications domains such as enterprise computing, smart cities, remote healthcare, and astronomy, has emerged as a challenging research problem. Such resource estimation for processing continuous queries over streaming data is challenging due to: (i) uncertain stream arrival patterns,(More)
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