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The Czech Republic's mass-privatization scheme changed the governance of many firms in a short period of time. We show that it was effective in improving firms' management because of the concentrated ownership structure which resulted. For a cross-section of 706 firms over the 1992-95 period, we find that the more concentrated ownership is, the higher the(More)
In a field experiment, plant (excluding roots) and grain nitrogen at harvest were estimated in 15 durum wheat cultivars varying in their grain protein concentration. They showed significant variation in grain yield, grain protein concentration, biological yield, total plant nitrogen at harvest and residual nitrogen in straw. Harvest index and nitrogen(More)
Why do soft budget constraints persist in many post-socialist economies? We submit that the explanation may be to serve the political purpose of hiding the incumbent government’s inability to promote job creation. We present a voting model with adverse selection in which politicians who are unable to implement productivity-enhancing reforms resort to firm(More)
When does sub-national fiscal autonomy prompt regional growth and recovery and, under what conditions, does it have adverse effects? We argue that unearned income streams, particularly in the form of revenues from natural resource production or from budgetary transfers from the central government, transform regions dependent on these income sources into(More)
Baseline signal output and communication between the periplasmic and cytoplasmic domains of the Escherichia coli aspartate chemoreceptor Tar(Ec) are both strongly influenced by residues at the C-terminus of transmembrane helix 2 (TM2). In particular, the cytoplasmic aromatic anchor, composed of residues Trp-209 and Tyr-210 in wild-type Tar(Ec), is important(More)
Biodegradable electrospun poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL) scaffolds were coated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve cell adhesion and proliferation. PRP was obtained from human buffy coat, and tested on human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to confirm cell proliferation and cytocompatibility. Then, PRP was adsorbed on the PCL scaffolds via(More)
  • Raj Desai, ANDERS OLOFSGA, +6 authors David Stasav
  • 2003
Do democracies suffer higher inflation than nondemocracies? We identify two competing hypotheses regarding the impact of democracy on inflation. In the “populist” approach, inflation is the result of public demands for transfers financed by the inflation tax, suggesting that electoral competition will increase inflation. In the “state-capture” approach,(More)
In this paper we examine link prediction for two types of data sets with mobility data, namely call data records (from the MIT Reality Mining project) and location-based social networking data (from the companies Gowalla and Brightkite). These data sets contain location information, which we incorporate in the features used for prediction. We also examine(More)
The social contract in dictatorships is commonly explained as an “authoritarian bargain” between rulers and citizens by which citizens relinquish political rights for economic security. Yet the content of these bargains is often unclear and their implications have not been broadly tested. We conceptualize this bargain as a simple, repeated game between a(More)
In response to the problems of high coordination costs among the poor, efforts are underway in many countries to organize the poor through “self-help groups” (SHGs)–membership-based organizations that aim to promote social cohesion through a mixture of education, access to finance, and linkages to wider development programs. We randomly selected 32 of 80(More)