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A large number of gait rehabilitation robots, together with a variety of control strategies, have been developed and evaluated during the last decade. Initially, control strategies applied to rehabilitation robots were adapted from those applied to traditional industrial robots. However, these strategies cannot optimise effectiveness of gait rehabilitation.(More)
Purpose. This in vitro study investigates how unilateral and bilateral occlusal loads are transferred to an implant assisted removable partial denture (IARPD). Materials and Methods. A duplicate model of a Kennedy class I edentulous mandibular arch was made and then a conventional removable partial denture (RPD) fabricated. Two Straumann implants were(More)
Macrophages are an essential component of the immune system and have protective and pathogenic functions in various diseases. Imaging of macrophages in vivo could furnish new tools to advance evaluation of disease and therapies. Critical limb ischemia is a disease in which macrophages have considerable pathogenic roles, and are potential targets for(More)
Addition of α-arylmethylidene- or α-alkylidene-β-keto ester enolate to N-activated aldimines via the imino aldol pathway followed by intramolecular aza-Michael reaction in a domino fashion has been developed, and a highly diastereoselective route to substituted piperidines is reported. Enantiopure piperidines are synthesized from chiral sulfinyl imines.(More)
In this study we evaluate the influence of low-dose fluoride treatment on 23 patient biopsies. Computational finite element (FE) models of each biopsy were subjected to a range of loads including compression, shear and torsion. The modelling framework was validated against three 3D printed models with known material properties subjected to compression till(More)
We designed a red-emitting turn-on FRET-based molecular probe 1 for selective detection of cysteine and homocysteine. Probe 1 shows significant fluorescence enhancement after cleavage of the 2, 4-dinitrobenzensulfonyl (DNBS) unit from the fluorophore upon thiols treatment. The precursor of probe 1, BNM153, is a moderate quantum yield FRET dye which(More)
Herein, we report fifty four membered, a new set of novel NIR Raman reporters and CyRLA-572 has been selected to be the best among them considering the signal intensity and stability. This new reporter molecule is an excellent partner with our in house Raman reporters (Cy7LA and Cy7.5LA). These three NIR Raman reporters are adsorbed on the gold(More)
In the neck of the femur, about 70% of the strength is contributed by the cortical bone, which is the most highly stressed part of the structure and is the site where failure is almost certainly initiated. A better understanding of cortical bone remodelling mechanisms can help discern changes at this anatomical site, which are essential if an understanding(More)