Raj Balasubramanian

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The growth and development of the Internet in the recent years has been very significant. But, the security and authentication is still a challenging problem. The security and authentication of the users in the Wireless LANs is also a serious issue. Hence, the security of the network users has become a vital factor. There are various techniques available in(More)
 The REST architectural style is simple to define, but understanding how to apply it to design concrete REST services in support of SOA can be more complex. The goal of this talk is to present the main design elements of a RESTful architecture and introduce a pattern-based design methodology for REST services.  A selection of REST-inspired SOA design(More)
Key management in the ad hoc network is a challenging issue concerning the security of the group communication. Group key management protocols can be approximately categorized into three: centralized, decentralized, and distributed. The much apt solution to provide the services like authentication, data integrity and data confidentiality is the(More)
Anomaly detection is one of the major requirements of the current age that witnesses a huge increase in online transactions. Data imbalance also poses a huge challenge in the detection process. This paper presents a hybrid metaheuristic algorithm that performs effective anomaly detection on highly imbalanced data. Particle Swarm Optimization is used as the(More)
A long standing problem in structural bioinformatics is to determine the three-dimensional (3-D) structure of a protein when only a sequence of amino acid residues is given. Many computational methodologies and algorithms have been proposed as a solution to the 3-D Protein Structure Prediction (3-D-PSP) problem. Most discriminative methods concatenate the(More)
In this paper, we present a common palette creation algorithm for multiple images with transparency information. The proposed algorithm supports creation of a common palette for multiple images, transparent alpha images and flexibility to the user to add a color to the palette. This method was extensively tested for natural and synthetic images and the(More)
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