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Most of the application-oriented research in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks has been in remote monitoring, including environmental, building automation, and security. However, this paper presents the methodology followed for implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network based solution in a process plant for energy management and leak detection. The(More)
This paper presents distance and angle measurements based Multi-Hop Adaptive and Iterative Localization algorithm for localization of unknown nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The present work determines uncertainty region of unknown nodes with respect to known (anchor) nodes using noisy distance and angle measurements. This node transmits its(More)
For variety of applications of sensor networks like tracking, monitoring, intrusion detection, geographical routing etc, localization plays a critical role. Any information from a remote node without its location is of less use in most of these applications. For small sized nodes with limited resources and densely distributed nodes, accurate and low cost(More)
Distance based localization techniques have always been of interest among researchers. The free received signal strength index (RSSI) requires no extra hardware for distance measurement. Authors in this paper assume that RSSI based distance estimation technique will have some error due to noisy RSSI readings. The localization algorithm proposed here takes(More)
The paper presents a multi-hop adaptive and iterative localization (MAIL) algorithm for localization wireless sensor network (WSN) nodes. The present study determines the uncertainty in the localization of nodes caused by the variation in the received signal strength or in the angle of arrival of a signal received by such nodes. An iterative localization(More)
Scrub typhus is a public health problem causing severe morbidity and mortality. Clinical picture consist of high grade fever, severe headache, apathy, myalgia and generalised lymphadenopathy. A maculopapular rash may appear first on the trunk and then on extremities. Black eschar may be seen at the site of inoculation.Patients may develop complication like(More)
This paper presents analysis of a geometrical computation based localization mechanism for wireless sensor networks. Authors analyze its accuracy for parameters like number of reference nodes, number of communications and different power level. Multiple anchors are used to analyze the performance of algorithm in terms of mean square error (m.s.e) of(More)
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