Rainer Zierer

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Using a novel setup, we assessed how fast growth of Nicotiana tabacum seedlings responds to alterations in the light regime and investigated whether starch-free mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana show decreased growth potential at an early developmental stage. Leaf area and relative growth rate were measured based on pictures from a camera automatically placed(More)
The primary structure of DNA binding protein II (DNA bp II) from the extreme thermophilic bacterium Thermus thermophilus has been established by combination of manual and automated techniques. The protein has 95 residues and a molecular mass of 11,843. Comparison of the primary structure with the known sequence data of DNA bp II from Clostridium(More)
A Production Information System (ProdIS-Plant) is being developed for horticultural facilities. It is a tool that will be used by managers to monitor resources and crop development. Growth parameters can be controlled. This is achieved by collecting all data concerning the production process. An optimization of the different parameters in the growing of(More)
Aufgrund fehlender Konzepte und Werkzeuge sind im Produktionsgartenbau bisher wenige Controlling-Aktivitäten vorzufinden. Im Rahmen des Projektes ProdIS-Plant wurden zu diesem Zweck eine Datenbank, eine Software mit grafischer Benutzeroberfläche sowie stationäre und mobile Eingabewerkzeuge entwickelt. Damit soll es dem Betriebsleiter ermöglicht werden, mit(More)
The complete amino acid sequence of the Clostridium pasteurianum DNA-binding protein II (DNAb-II) has been determined. The molecule contains 91 amino acid residues and has an Mr of 10 133. Sequence data were obtained from manual Edman degradation, using the DABITC/PITC double-coupling of the tryptic, peptic, chymotryptic and Staphylococcus protease(More)
In den letzten Jahren nahm die Verbreitung mobiler Eingabesysteme in hohem Maße zu. Durch den ständigen technischen Fortschritt auf diesem Gebiet ergeben sich auch für den Produktionsgartenbau neue Möglichkeiten der mobilen Datenerfassung. Das Augenmerk liegt hier auf der Entwicklung effizienter Eingabewerkzeuge und -techniken mit dem Ziel größtmöglicher(More)
A series of n-alkyl substituted homoand copolymers of poly-p-phenylene terephthalamid with the alkyl groups attached to the diamine, diacid or to both moieties have been synthesized. The hypothesis was that the alkyl groups would Induce packing defects (Disclinations) which in turn would help to dissipate local stress when fibres of the polyaramid are(More)
The impact of light induced degradation on small lab-type 2x2 cm2 solar cells made from standard p-type mc-Si material is compared to the degradation of lowly compensated UMG material on the one hand and intentionally Fe and Fe/Cu contaminated material (several ppma of Fe or Fe and Cu are introduced into the melt of electronic grade feedstock before ingot(More)
The effect of prolonged administration (i.v.) of commercially available Panax ginseng extract (PGE) on the kinetic profile of the hormones from the posterior pituitary (PP) was studied in male Wistar rats. The rats were infused with 7.36 mg kg-1 h-1 of PGE for 8 days while the hormones from the PP were pulse-labeled at their place of translation in the(More)
Bei der Betrachtung physikalischer Vorgänge im Gewächshaus wird in aktuellen Modellen der klimatische Zustand als räumlich homogen angenommen. Mit Hilfe von CFD-Software ist eine differenziertere Betrachtung in Bezug auf Konvektion, Einstrahlung und Wärmeleitung möglich. Durch die Programmierung eines Interface zwischen OpenFOAM® und ProdIS-Plant können(More)