Rainer Walther Lipp

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The Ballard Maturational Score was refined and expanded to achieve greater accuracy and to include extremely premature neonates. To test validity, accuracy, interrater reliability, and optimal postnatal age at examination, the resulting New Ballard Score (NBS) was assessed for 578 newly born infants and the results were analyzed. Gestational ages ranged(More)
BACKGROUND Cases of deep venous thrombosis in the lower extremities triggered by abnormalities of the vena cava have been reported. OBJECTIVE To describe anomalies of the inferior vena cava in patients with deep venous thrombosis. DESIGN Prospective, consecutive case series. SETTING University Hospital, Graz, Austria. PATIENTS 97 patients with deep(More)
OBJECTIVE As one of the diagnostic criteria for giant cell arteritis affecting the temporal arteries (temporal arteritis) is still biopsy-proven vasculitis of the affected artery, the aim of our study was to evaluate the value of a non-invasive procedure, 2-(18)F-fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose (FDG) positron emission tomography (F-18-FDG-PET), in the diagnosis of(More)
Hb Sherwood Forest has been so far identified in only one patient in 1977. This study describes the second detection of this hemoglobin variant by routine high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in a diabetic patient and her healthy grand niece. In both, glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) values were excessively elevated (52%), as determined by HPLC with(More)
Background Agenesis of the dorsal pancreas is a very rare congenital pancreatic malformation and is associated with some other diseases. Methods A PubMed search revealed 53 cases of agenesis of the dorsal pancreas. Results In 28 patients with this congenital malformation hyperglycemia was demonstrated, 27 had abdominal pain, 16 had pancreatitis, 14 had an(More)
Glycated hemoglobin is measured as HbA1c and is the result of an irreversible non-enzymatic glycation of the beta chain of hemoglobin A. HbA1c is used routinely to assess long term glycemic control in patients with diabetes mellitus. There are more than 20 determination methods, the techniques used are cation-exchange chromatography, electrophoresis,(More)
PTH-related peptide (PTHrP) can be found in high concentrations in human breast milk and has been implicated in material calcium regulation postpartum. We studied the relationship of plasma PTHrP levels of serum markers of bone turnover and selective cancellous bone density in 35 women (age, 25 +/- 3 yr) 2-3 days postpartum and after 3 and 6 months of(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the combination of docetaxel and cisplatin as first-line chemotherapy in patients with metastatic esophageal cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS 16 chemotherapy-naïve patients with distant metastases were included in the study (15 male, 1 female; median age: 58.5 years (range 37-69); median ECOG performance status: 1). 11 patients(More)
In 29 patients with community-acquired pneumonia, 24 patients with hospital-acquired pneumonia and 35 patients with pneumonia in the immunocompromised host the diagnostic value of bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) with quantitative bacterial and fungal cultures was studied; 32 patients with noninfectious pulmonary diseases and 14 healthy volunteers served as(More)