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Cycles of terrestrial rabies are associated with carnivores. In non-carnivorous species, rabies typically occurs as a spill-over from the carnivore reservoir and quickly encounters a dead end in such species. One major exception to this scenario has been an ongoing epizootic of rabies in the Greater Kudu, an African antelope. These herbivores are found in(More)
We derive four rigorous conditions for the stability of Coulomb strings in circular storage rings. These criteria are well met by the existing data from experiments in SIS, ESR, and CRYring but not by the NAP-M experiment. We calculate the potential of the joint transverse zigzag excitation and the longitudinal motion against each other of a string of(More)
The longitudinal coupling impedance of a cylindrical beam pipe for arbitrary relativistic gamma(0) and mode frequency is obtained analytically for finite wall conductivity and finite wall thickness. Closed form expressions for the electromagnetic fields excited by a beam perturbation are derived analytically. General expressions for the resistive-wall(More)
Emittance growth due to intrabeam scattering (IBS) is a major limitation for high energy high density accelerators. The reachable maximum particle density depends strongly on how IBS can be compensated for by electron cooling (EC). Hence calculations of the growth rates of the horizontal and vertical emittances ̇h,v/ h,v and of the (longitudinal) momentum(More)
In a recent paper, Radon et al. [1] reported on high precision mass measurements with Schottky mass spectrometry of about 100 new isotopes with a high resolving power. In that experiment fully stripped isotopes were produced by fragmentation of a 209Bi beam at 930 MeV/u, separated in the fragment separator, and stored and cooled in the ESR. For fixed(More)
2014 We investigate the influence of terms beyond the standard Liquid Drop Model on the slope of the fission valley. An important reduction of the slope is obtained when using values of the curvature energy calculated from effective forces currently in use, thus corroborating a recent microscopic calculation by Berger et al. J. Physique LETTRES 44 (1983)(More)
The challenging storage ring and beam cooling projects at high energies [1] are the driving force behind new efforts in beam dynamics modeling and experimental verification. Optimization of the proposed cooling scenarios, including studies on rf manipulations, stochastic and electron cooling, intrabeam scattering, internal target scattering, as well as(More)
We explain that the anomalous frequency shifts of very close masses obtained in the high precision mass measurement experiments in the ESR storage ring result from the locking of Coulomb interacting strings of ions. Here two concentric strings which run horizontally close to each other are captured into a single string if their thermal clouds overlap and(More)
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