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DNA methylation plays an important role in the gene-silencing network of higher eukaryotes. We have analyzed the 21.5-kb maintenance methyltransferase (M-MTase) gene, met1, of the multicellular green alga Volvox carteri. The met1 transcript was detected only during the period when DNA replication and cell division are taking place. It encodes a 238 kDa(More)
The microstructure of the as-cast AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy has been investigated by transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography. The alloy shows a very pronounced microstructure with clearly distinguishable dendrites and interdendrites. In both regions a separation into an Al-Ni rich matrix and Cr-Fe-rich precipitates can be observed.(More)
Compositionally complex alloys, also called high entropy alloys, have been investigated for over a decade in view of different applications, but so far only a small number of alloys can be considered as presenting good enough properties for industrial application. The most common family of elements is Al-Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni. The equiatomic alloy having 5 phases(More)
The most commonly investigated high entropy alloy, AlCoCrCuFeNi, has been chosen for optimization of its microstructural and mechanical properties by means of compositional changes and heat treatments. Among the different available optimization paths, the decrease of segregating element Cu, the increase of oxidation protective elements Al and Cr and the(More)
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