Rainer Sandau

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Digital imagery from satellites or multispectral and hyperspectral scanners is well accepted. Tremendous challenges are inherent in the development of a digital sensor to acquire imagery suitable for both high precision photogrammetric mapping and image processing for interpretative purposes. The performance of the film aerial camera is almost impossible to(More)
BIRD (Bi-Spectral Infra-Red Detection) has been demonstrating new technologies since its launch on 22. October, 2001 with the PSLV-C3 from Shar/India successfully into a sun-synchronous low Earth orbit at 560 km. Besides the successful in-orbit test of the detection and evaluation of vegetation fires with micro satellites, BIRD has also been demonstrating a(More)
The LH Systems ADS40 airborne digital sensor fulfils photogrammetric and remote sensing requirements. The new sensor is not only a camera to acquire attractive pictures: it is the next fully digital generation of measurement device for airborne photogrammetry and remote sensing. The accuracy of the lens and focal plane system under flight conditions(More)
A smurt-pixel cellular neural nehvorks with harhare annealing capabiliry, digitally programmable synaptic weights, and multisensor parallel intevace has been under development for advanced space sensor applications. The smart-pixel CNN architecture is a programmable multi-dimensional array of optoelectronic neurons which are locally connected with their(More)
  • Rainer Sandau
  • International Conference on Recent Advances in…
  • 2003
In the field of space-borne topographic mapping instruments the trend to smaller ground sample distances (GSD) can be observed, making use of the best technology available at the given time. From the 80 m GSD of ERTS (later renamed Landsat-1), the first satellite dedicated to civil space-borne Earth surface imaging launched in 1972, the GSD now approaches 1(More)
Cost-effective Earth observation missions – how can they be achieved, what are the cost drivers, what are the application areas, and what are the possible obstacles and how are they surmounted? A recently published study provides a single reference of all aspects connected with cost-effective missions. This paper concentrates on some of the outcomes of that(More)