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OBJECTIVES The aim of this project is to develop a catalogue of competency-based learning objectives "Medical Informatics" for undergraduate medical education (abbreviated NKLM-MI in German). METHODS The development followed a multi-level annotation and consensus process. For each learning objective a reason why a physician needs this competence was(More)
Im Bereich der frühen innerklinischen Dokumentation von Notfallpatienten ist bisher keine einheitliche Dokumentationsgrundlage etabliert worden, obgleich in der Präklinik mit dem MIND (Minimaler Notarzt Datensatz) seit 1997 ein Dokumentationsstandard für die präklinische Dokumentation von Notfallpatienten existiert. Zur Erstellung eines interdisziplinär(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the discriminative power on mortality of a modified Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score and derived measures (maximum SOFA, total maximum SOFA, and delta SOFA) for complete automatic computation in an operative intensive care unit (ICU). DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING Operative ICU of the Department of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of peridural analgesia on long-term survival in patients who underwent surgical treatment of colorectal carcinoma. BACKGROUND Clinical and animal studies suggest a potential benefit of peridural analgesia on morbidity and mortality after cancer surgery. The effect of peridural analgesia on long-term outcome after surgery(More)
Objective. User interfaces of patient data management systems (PDMS) in intensive care units (ICU), like computer keyboard and mouse, may serve as reservoirs for the transmission of microorganisms. Pathogens may be transferred via the hands of personnel to the patient causing nosocomial infections. The purpose of this study was to examine the microbial(More)
Current treatment guidelines for sepsis claim an early goal-directed hemodynamic optimization including fluid resuscitation, use of vasopressors and inotropic agents. We investigated the correlation between the prominent treatment goal central venous saturation (ScvO2) and the frontal and the thenar regional oxygen saturation (rSO2) measured by near(More)
Hospital providers, physicians and researchers are interested in a cross-institutional use of their data for clinical research. This interest has led to the question whether the scientific potential of the data stored in so many different systems can be unfolded by the establishment of a cross-institutional medical data warehouse. The aim of this paper is(More)
For personnel inexperienced in airway management, supraglottic airway devices may be the first choice in an emergency. Changing head position is known to reduce the seal pressure of a laryngeal mask airway. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the use of a cervical collar improves the stability of airways secured with the LMA Supreme™ (The(More)
UNLABELLED The objective of this study was to evaluate prognostic models for quality assurance purposes in predicting automatically detected intraoperative cardiovascular events (CVE) in 58458 patients undergoing noncardiac surgery. To this end, we assessed the performance of two established models for risk assessment in anesthesia, the Revised Cardiac Risk(More)
Der Begriff „Patientensicherheit“ ist in der heutigen Medizin präsenter als jemals zuvor. Darunter werden alle Prozesse zusammengefasst, die mit der Prävention und der Vermeidung unerwünschter Vorkommnisse in der Patientenversorgung im Zusammenhang stehen. Da die moderne Anästhesie spätestens seit der Deklaration von Helsinki 2010 in der klinischen(More)