Rainer Niewa

Sabine Strobel1
Theresia M. M. Richter1
1Sabine Strobel
1Theresia M. M. Richter
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  • Christian Lipp, Sabine Strobel, Falk Lissner, Rainer Niewa
  • 2012
Single crystals of garnet-type trimanganese(II) dichromi-um(III) tris[orthogermanate(IV)], Mn II 3 Cr III 2 (GeO 4) 3 , were obtained by utilizing a chemical transport reaction. Corresponding to the mineral garnet with the general formula A II 3 B III 2 (SiO 4) 3 , each of the four elements occupies only one crystallographically distinct position. Mn 2+(More)
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