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  • L. E. Pillunat, R. Stodtmeister, R. Marquardt, A. Mattern
  • 1989
It is widely accepted that a disturbed blood supply of the optic disc may cause (in addition with an increased intraocular pressure) optic nerve fibre damage. Therefore we measured ocular perfusion pressures in 79 healthy subjects. In 18 patients with low tension glaucoma, in 27 patients suffering from ocular hypertension and in 49 glaucoma (OAG) patients.(More)
The necessary shift from fossil fuels to regenerative sources imposes a great challenge for future power transmission. A large, meshed HVDC-Grid is proposed by several experts as the best and most efficient solution. For meshed DC-Grids, however, new and essential requirements - especially regarding availability and reliability - have to be researched very(More)
  • B. Bräu, R. Hilgenfeld, +5 authors A. Pühler
  • 1991
Streptomyces coelicolor “Müller” DSM3030 excretes a lysozyme comprising both β-1,4-N-acetyl-and β-1,4-N,6-O-diacetyl muramidase activities. The lysozyme is named Cellosyl. Gene libraries have been established using genomic DNA from the wild-type strain, S. coelicolor DSM3030, and from an overproducing mutant, S. coelicolor HP1, which exhibits about a(More)
The Modular High Frequency converter (MHF) is a new converter topology especially designed for vehicle applications. It enables ultra-light weight and volume by drastic reduction of passive components and cooling equipment. This paper deals with an optimized control strategy of the MHF that leads to minimized capacitance installed in the drive system.
Magnetic stimulation pulse sources are very inflexible high-power devices. The incorporated circuit topology is usually limited to a single pulse type. However, experimental and theoretical work shows that more freedom in choosing or even designing waveforms could notably enhance existing methods. Beyond that, it even allows entering new fields of(More)
For the future demand of electrical energy, both a reliable and an environmental friendly solution is of high importance. The integration of many widely dispersed regenerative energy sources imposes a great challenge for the existing HVAC grids. A meshed, multiterminal HVDC-SuperGrid is considered to be the best and most efficient solution. This concept(More)
Excellent dynamic behavior and controllability even under fault conditions are main requirements of future electric drive systems. The Modular High Frequency Converter (MHF) fulfills these requirements and enables additional advantages especially low weight, low volume and redundant operation after faults. This paper presents control strategies and(More)
Impatie¢~s) die Unterschiede 4o---IOO % und liegen zweifelios augerhaIb der Fehlergrenzen. Der Grund hierfiir liegt jedenfalls darin, dab die 4n-Bl/itter gr6ger (und dicker) sind als 2n-Bl~itter. Auf die gr613ere Dieke der 4n-BI~itter sind woM auch die h6heren Werte je Fl~ieheneinheit zuriiekzufiihren. Die triploiden Epilobier~ nehmen fast durchweg eine(More)
  • R. Marquardt
  • 2004
Auf GefäßVeränderungen wurden die Augen von je 15 an genuiner und renaler Hypertonie Verstorbener untersucht. Im Gegensatz zur Arteriosklerose und Arteriolosklerose in der Gefäßhaut des Auges, die in Ausdehnung und Schwere den Gefäßveränderungen des übrigen Organismus entsprechen, sind die Netzhautgefäße eindeutig weniger schwer verändert. Diese Diskrepanz(More)