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This paper presents the conceptual design, detailed development and flight testing of AtlantikSolar, a 5.6m-wingspan solar-powered Low-Altitude Long-Endurance (LALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed and built at ETH Zurich. The UAV is required to provide perpetual endurance at a geographic latitude of 45°N in a 4-month window centered around(More)
PHELIX is a Petawatt high-energy laser for heavy-ion experiments that can deliver 1-10 ns long pulses at 1053 nm with energies up to 1 kJ to the ion beam target chamber at the Z6 experimental area or 200 TW in sub-picosecond pulses to the target chamber in the laser bay. Near-term upgrades comprise frequency doubling of the ns pulses to 527 nm and a power(More)
We report the major achievements of the construction of the Petawatt High-Energy Laser for Heavy-Ion Experiments (PHELIX) that will be capable of producing pulses up to the peak power of one PW (10 15 W) in 500 fs and 4 kJ in 10 ns. In July and August, the commissioning of the main amplifier (MA) of PHELIX was started employing the stretched pulses of the(More)
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