Rainer Loew

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Conditional gene expression systems have developed into essential tools for the study of gene functions. However, their utility is often limited by the difficulty of identifying clonal cell lines, in which transgene control can be realized to its full potential. Here, we describe HeLa cell lines, in which we have identified-by functional analysis-genomic(More)
BACKGROUND The performance of the tetracycline controlled transcriptional activation system (Tet system) depends critically on the choice of minimal promoters. They are indispensable to warrant low expression levels with the system turned "off". On the other hand, they must support high level of gene expression in the "on"-state. RESULTS In this study, we(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, the step-wise integration of tet-dependent transactivator and tet-responsive expression unit is considered to be the most promising tool to achieve stable tet-controlled gene expression in cell populations. However, disadvantages of this strategy for integration into primary cells led us to develop an "All-In-One" vector system,(More)
TCR gene modified T cells for adoptive therapy simultaneously express the Tg TCR and the endogenous TCR, which might lead to mispaired TCRs with harmful unknown specificity and to a reduced function of TCR-Tg T cells. We generated dual TCR T cells in two settings in which either TCR was constitutively expressed by a retroviral promoter while the second TCR(More)
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