Rainer Koster

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To simplify the task of building distributed streaming applications, we propose a new abstraction for information flow—Infopipes. Infopipes make information flow primary, not an auxiliary mechanism that is hidden away. Systems are built by connecting pre-defined component Infopipes such as sources, sinks, buffers, filters, broadcasting pipes, and(More)
Applications that process continuous information flows are challenging to write because the application programmer must deal with flow-specific concurrency and timing requirements, necessitating the explicit management of threads, synchronization, scheduling and timing. We believe that middleware can ease this burden, but middleware that supports(More)
Real-time systems seek to guarantee predictable run-time behaviour to ensure that tasks will meet their deadlines. Optimal scheduling decisions, however, easily impose unacceptable run-time costs for many but the most basic scheduling problems, specifically in the context of mul-tiprocessors and distributed systems. Deriving suitable heuristics then usually(More)
Although declarative configurability still predominates in the context of communication bindings, the hidden policies involved make it an unlikely candidate to cope with the ever increasing variety of demands imposed by forthcoming application domains such as real-time multimedia. In this paper we therefore propose a policy-free descriptive-procedural(More)
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