Rainer Knauf

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The current state of affair in e-learning world-wide shows a reluctance to didactic design. Learners frequently complain and scientists discuss about insufficient adaptivity of e-learning offers to the learners’ needs. Didactics is badly underestimated. High quality didactic design is seen as a crucial aspect of dissemination. E-learning content and(More)
We describe a complete methodology for the validation of rule-based expert systems. This methodology is presented as a five-step process that has two central themes: 1) to create a minimal set of test inputs that adequately cover the domain represented in the knowledge base; and 2) a Turing Test-like methodology that evaluates the system's responses to the(More)
The pros and cons of formal methods are the subject of many discussions in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Here, the authors describe a formal method that aims at system refinement based on the results of a test case validation technology for rule-based systems. This technique provides sufficient information to estimate the validity of each single rule.(More)
AI technologies for knowledge mining are commonly used in technical environments. Their application for social processes like learning processes, for example, is a quite a new challenge, which is characterized by having “humans in the loop”. Humans’ desires, preferences and decisions may be unpredictable and thus, not appropriate for modeling at a first(More)
One author developed a validation technology for rule bases that aims at several validity statements and a refined rule base. Two other authors are experienced developers of rule bases for commercial and administrative applications and engaged in the Business Rule (BR) research community. To ensure the requested performance of BR, they developed a(More)
The paper is focused on modeling, processing, evaluating and refining processes with humans involved like (not only, but also e-) learning. A formerly developed concept called storyboarding has been applied at Tokyo Denki University (TDU) to model the various ways to study at this university. Along with this storyboard, we developed a Data Mining Technology(More)