Rainer Klotzbücher

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25-Azidonorcholesterol, a side chain analogue of cholesterol, inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis in BHK 21 cells in tissue culture; but 3-azido-5-cholestene, the azido analogue of cholesterol has no inhibitory effect. Cell growth was unimpaired by the azido analogue, which showed only a minimal uptake by the cell, compared with that of cholesterol or(More)
25-Azido[25-(3)H]norcholesten-3beta-ol, a radioactive photosensitive analog of cholesterol, was synthesized as a probe to study lipid-protein interactions [Stoffel, W. & Klotzbücher, R. (1978) Hoppe-Seyler's Z. Physiol Chem. 359, 199-209]. Upon UV irradiation a reactive nitrene is generated which can insert into carbon-hydrogen bonds of proteins to form(More)
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