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Humic substances (HS) have been reported to possess anti-inflammatory as well as pro-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory activity was demonstrated in the rat paw edema model and we found a preliminary explanation in the 5-lipoxygenase inhibitory effect of humic acids (HA). The pro-inflammatory activity is reflected by the production and release(More)
Methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes—polymerase chain reaction (MSRE-PCR) has been used in epigenetic research to identify genome-wide and gene-specific DNA methylation. Currently, epigenome-wide discovery studies provide many candidate regions for which the MSREqPCR approach can be very effective to confirm the findings. MSREqPCR provides high(More)
Targeted sequencing of PCR amplicons generated from bisulfite deaminated DNA is a flexible, cost-effective way to study methylation of a sample at single CpG resolution and perform subsequent multi-target, multi-sample comparisons. Currently, no platform specific protocol, support, or analysis solution is provided to perform targeted bisulfite sequencing on(More)
Bisulfite (BS) conversion-based and methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme (MSRE)-based PCR methods have been the most commonly used techniques for locus-specific DNA methylation analysis. However, both methods have advantages and limitations. Thus, an integrated approach would be extremely useful to quantify the DNA methylation status successfully with(More)
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