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Am liebsten h/itte man die Ergebnisse der Experimente, die in der deutschen SPACELAB-Mission D1 Ende Oktober letzten Jahres durchgefiihrt worden sind, sofort nach der Landung des Space Shuttles vorgezeigt. Aber jeder experimentell arbeitende Wissenschaftler weil3, dab es, abgesehen yon wenigen Ausnahmen, so schnell mit der Auswertung yon Experimenten in der(More)
Assisted conception with in-vitro fertilization and related reproductive interventions is the only practical way of treating many infertile couples. This article examines the cost-effectiveness of in-vitro fertilization procedures, the importance of not isolating these procedures from the general management of infertility, and the urgent need to clarify the(More)
Conception is a matter of chance. A couple's monthly probability of conceiving naturally is known as their fecundability. The average "normal" fecundability (as a proportion) is approximately 0.2. This means that most young couples can expect to have children and will conceive within 12 months of attempting pregnancy. This article examines the causes of(More)
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