Rainer Himmeröder

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| The closely related research areas management of semistructured data and languages for querying the Web have recently attracted a lot of interest. We argue that languages supporting deduction and object-orientation dood languages are particularly suited in this context: Object-orientation provides a exible common data model for combining information from(More)
Florid is a deductive object{oriented database system relying on F-logic, which as a distinctive feature provides rich modeling facilities. In this paper we rst give an overview about the language and its implementation. Furthermore, some examples illustrate advanced data modelling, particularly the solution of some nonmonotonic problems using inheritance(More)
With the increasing importance of the World Wide Web as an information source, there is a growing interest for integration of Web and database technology. Several Web query languages have been presented to overcome the shortcomings of conventional search engines, most of them lacking a formal semantics. In this paper, we propose F-logic as a means to(More)
Languages supporting deduction and object-orientation seem particularly promising for querying and reasoning about structure and contents of the Web, and for the integration of information from heterogeneous sources. Florid, an implementation of the deductive object-oriented language F-logic, has been extended to provide a declarative semantics for querying(More)
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