Rainer Hess

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  • Rainer Hess
  • 2006
The objective of the German Health System Modernisation Act (GMG) has been to release probable profitability reserves within the current healthcare system by increasing the regulative competition between health insurances and healthcare providers and simultaneously improve the quality of healthcare. But the legislator has deliberately excluded the Statutory(More)
To the Editor: We want to comment on the study by Martelli et al. in Volume 23:4, which appears to have several mistakes and seems to be outdated and probably biased. Several agencies mentioned in the study now have different tasks and mandates and accordingly have different denominations. The CCOHTA for example has been renamed CADTH (Canadian Agency for(More)
  • Rainer Hess
  • 2007
Currently a physician-independent control of health services can only be managed by means of liability case law. Usually, claims are settled years after the service has been provided, based, though, on medical guidelines that have been established by the medical profession itself at the time of the provision of services. An essential factor in medical(More)
  • Rainer Hess
  • 2004
Evidence-based clinical guidelines are recommendations for physicians and as such only of limited use as binding standards for monitoring the quality of their own achievements. When the Federal Joint Committee translates such guidelines into directives for physicians, hospitals, sickness funds and the insured they must consider the legal quality of such(More)