Rainer Heller

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Cardio-facio-cutaneous (CFC) and Costello syndrome (CS) are congenital disorders with a significant clinical overlap. The recent discovery of heterozygous mutations in genes encoding components of the RAS-RAF-MAPK pathway in both CFC and CS suggested a similar underlying pathogenesis of these two disorders. While CFC is heterogeneous with mutations in BRAF,(More)
OBJECTIVE Homozygous deletions/mutations of the SMN1 gene cause infantile spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The presence of at least one SMN2 gene copy is required for normal embryogenesis. Lack of SMN protein results in degeneration of motor neurons, while extraneuronal manifestations have been regarded as a chance association with SMA. We report on heart(More)
Williams-Beuren syndrome (WBS, OMIM 194050) is a microdeletion syndrome caused by hemizygosity for multiple genes in 7q11.23 including the elastin locus (ELN). 2 The classical WBS phenotype comprises elastin arteriopathy (supravalvular aortic stenosis and/or peripheral pulmonary stenosis), connective tissue abnormalities (for example, abnormal joint(More)
Molecular breakpoint mapping in phenotypically well defined patients with structurally rearranged chromosomes is an established strategy to narrow down the physical interval for genes that are critical in the formation of the phenotype. In patients with balanced translocations, the breakpoints themselves are likely to contain the disease associated gene,(More)