Rainer Gawlick

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When proving the correctness of algorithms in distributed systems, one generally considers safety conditions and liveness conditions. The Input/Output (I/O) automaton model and its timed version have been used successfully, but have focused on safety conditions and on a restricted form of liveness called fairness. In this paper we develop a new I/O(More)
This paper considers the problems of admission control and virtual circuit routing in high performance computing and communication systems. Admission control and virtual circuit routing problems arise in numerous applications, including video-servers, real-time database servers, and the provision of permanent virtual channels in large-scale communications(More)
Much of modern systems programming involves designing algorithms for distributed systems in which the nodes have access to information about time. Time information can be used to estimate the time at which system or environment events occur, to detect process failures, to schedule the use of resources, and to synchronize activities of different system(More)
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