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The principle of fluorescence angiography using indocyanine green has been known for a long time and was used especially by photographs and ophthalmologists for retinal diagnostics. After one publication about perfusion control in open surgery we were the first who examined the perfusion of colorectal anastomoses by laparoscopic fluorescence angiography(More)
Perfusion culture offers the advantage of keeping gingiva alive for a long time as an stable explant according to cell biological parameters. To investigate the suitability of cultured human gingival explants for transplantations the biopsies were put into a newly developed perfusion chamber and cultured for at least 21 days. Gingiva explants were derived(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of simultaneous chemoradiotherapy is to increase local-regional control and to decrease the incidence of distant metastases. Regimens containing cisplatin/5-FU chemotherapy are widely accepted as standard treatment in advanced head and neck cancer. Most studies reported promising response and survival data, but also severe mucosal(More)
The paper reports our experience in the treatment of keratocysts and make recommendations for treatment in the form of a retrospective study. Thirty-eight patients with 52 keratocysts out of a total of 318 patients with 351 odontogenic cysts who presented between 1984 and 1992 were analysed. Outcome was measured by recurrence and there were three(More)
Chronic craniofacial pain disorders commonly cause physicians diagnostic difficulties. The purpose of this study was, on one hand, to detect pathological focuses of the craniofacial skeleton using a new system of high-resolution single photon emission computertomography (SPECT), and on the other hand, to compare the results with those obtained via(More)
BACKGROUND Complex posttraumatic malpositions of the orbital walls require repositioning osteotomy. Computer tomography, stereolithography models and tele-X-rays are used in planning. However, the precision achieved in the planning phase could not so far be translated to patients (1). The Surgical Segment Navigator SSN is the first highly precise(More)
Early diagnosis of additional carcinomas in the diagnosis of primary oral squamous epithelial carcinomas is important for prognosis and provides helpful pointers for planning therapy. In a prospective study from 1993 to 1998, 83 patients with histologically confirmed primary squamous epithelial carcinomas of the oral cavity, the oropharynx and the lip(More)
The most common temporomandibular joint disturbance is the internal derangement. Its prevalence has been shown to be as high as 28%. The purpose of this study was on one hand to compare the diagnostic efficiency of an electronic axiographic system with magnetic resonance imaging, and, on the other hand to evaluate the results of MRI-assisted treatment(More)