Rainer Buchty

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Cryptography was and still is one of the most interesting fields in Computer Science-related research. Where its origin lies in military and governmental use, today cryptography is widely used in everyday life. Cryptography secures communication between smart cards and card readers. It scrambles transmissions between DECT telephones and their base stations,(More)
Today's approaches towards heterogeneous computing rely on either the programmer or dedicated programming models to efficiently integrate heterogeneous components. In this work, we propose an adaptive cost-aware function-migration mechanism built on top of a light-weight hardware abstraction layer. With this mechanism, the highly dynamic task of choosing(More)
Nowadays, many possible configurations of heterogeneous systems exist, posing several new challenges to application development: different types of processing units usually require individual programming models with dedicated runtime systems and accompanying libraries. If these are absent on an end-user system, e.g. because the respective hardware is not(More)
When targeting hardware accelerators and reconfigurable processing units, the question of programmability arises, i.e., how different implementations of individual, configuration-specific functions are provided. Conventionally, this is resolved either at compilation time when a specific hardware environment is targeted, by initialization routines at program(More)
The paradigm shift towards multicore technologies is offering a great potential of computational power for scientific and industrial applications. It is, however, posing considerable challenges to software development. This problem is impaired by increasing heterogeneity of hardware platforms on both, processor level, and by adding dedicated accelerators.(More)
The 2D DWT consists of two 1D DWT in both directions: horizontal filtering processes the rows followed by vertical filtering processes the columns. It is well known that a straightforward implementation of the vertical filtering shows quite different performance with various working set sizes. The only reasonable explanation for this has to be the access(More)
Certain numerical computations benefit from dedicated computation units, e.g. providing increased computation accuracy. Exploiting current interconnection technologies and advances in reconfigurable logic, restrictions and drawbacks of past approaches towards application-specific units can be overcome. This paper presents our implementation of an FPGA-based(More)