Rainer Brendle

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Data consistency is very desirable because strong semantic properties make it easier to write correct programs that perform as users expect. However, there are good reasons why consistency may have to be weakened to achieve other business goals. In this CIDR 2009 Perspectives paper, we present real-world reasons inconsistency may be necessary, offer(More)
Data state in a data management system such as a database is the result of the transactions performed on that data management system. Approaches such as single-message transactions and field calls [Gray1993] come closer than before/after values to expressing the intent of a transaction, the semantic transformation that should be performed on the data state(More)
A new kind of thermodynamic limit is given for the model of an ideal Boson gas which scales the supports of the local Weyl operators into infinitesimal regions leaving the external potential fixed. A technical assumption in a paper of Davies on this subject is derived from geometrical arguments. The spatial distribution of the condensate density is(More)
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