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Preface First of all I wish to express my deepest gratitude to my advisor Dr. Rainer Bacher for introducing me to the worlds of software engineering and power system optimization. The motivating remarks and valuable suggestions, his positive attitude, and his encouragement and patience have been a big help for me over the last four years. Further, I would(More)
A concept for the automatic generation of optimization code for a class of non-linear optimization problems is described and realized at the example of an electric power system optimal power flow problem. The equations are structured based on a node and edge structure given from a network. The goal of this domain engineering approach is the high-level(More)
GridBox is an open platform for monitoring and active control of distribution grids. It is based on an innovative concept that comprehensively addresses the challenges DSOs will be exposed to in the context of increasing amount of decentralized and often fluctuating generation as well as the electrification of the heat and transportation sector. In this(More)
This paper presents an approach called the Co-Recommendation Algorithm, which consists of the features of the recommendation rule and the co-citation algorithm. The algorithm addresses some challenges that are essential for further searching and recommendation algorithms. It does not require users to provide a lot of interactive communication. Furthermore,(More)
] suggested a radiochemical method using a fission reactor based on the reaction v + 37C1-37Ar + e-. They did not pursue the method. Alvarez was dissuaded by his estimates of the background to be anticipated from cosmic rays; these estimates later proved to be correct for the reactors then available. As we know now, the neutrino produced in fission is be(More)