Rainer Allgöwer

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To determine whether direct passage of spirochetes between co-feeding vector ticks contributes to the likelihood that the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia afzelii will perpetuate in nature, we compared the effects of time and space on transmission efficiency between simultaneously feeding ticks. The likelihood of co-feeding transmission increases with(More)
The comeback of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) throughout western and central Europe is considered a major conservation success. Traditionally, several subspecies are recognised by morphology and mitochondrial haplotype, each linked to a relict population. During various reintroduction programs in the 20th century, beavers from multiple source(More)
In Reply to Randolph and Gern: Although transmission between co-feeding vector ticks may perpetuate particular tick-borne viruses, this mode of transmission plays no role in the epizootiology of Lyme disease spirochetes (1,2). In their letter, Randolph and Gern defend their suggestion that tick-borne pathogens perpetuate effectively by direct passage from(More)
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