Rainer A Dressler

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The energetics, interfacial properties, instabilities, and fragmentation patterns of electrosprays made from formamide salt solutions are investigated in a mass spectrometric vacuum electrospray experiment and using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The electrospray source is operated in a Taylor cone-jet mode, with the nanojet that forms being(More)
We have measured absolute reaction cross sections for the interaction of O(+) with ethane, propane, and n-butane at collision energies in the range from near thermal to approximately 20 eV, using the guided-ion beam (GIB) technique. We have also measured product recoil velocity distributions using the GIB time-of-flight (TOF) technique for several product(More)
The pulsed-field-ionization zero-kinetic-energy photoelectron spectrum of Xe(2) has been measured between 97 350 and 108 200 cm(-1), following resonant two-photon excitation via selected vibrational levels of the C 0(u) (+) Rydberg state of Xe(2). Transitions to three of the six low-lying electronic states of Xe(2) (+) could be observed. Whereas extensive(More)
We have measured absolute cross section for the reaction of ground-state O(+) with ammonia at collision energies in the range from near-thermal to approximately 15 eV, using the guided-ion beam (GIB) method. Measurements were also performed using ammonia-d3 to aid in mass assignments. The reaction is dominated at low collision energies by charge transfer;(More)
This paper presents the methodology to generate beams of ions in single quantum states for bimolecular ion-molecule reaction dynamics studies using pulsed field ionization (PFI) of atoms or molecules in high-n Rydberg states produced by vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) synchrotron or laser photoexcitation. Employing the pseudocontinuum high-resolution VUV(More)
The absolute integral cross sections for the formation of HeH+ and HeD+ from the collisions of HD+(v,j=1)+He have been examined over a broad range of vibrational energy levels v=0-13 at the center-of-mass collision energies (ET) of 0.6 and 1.4 eV using the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) pulsed field ionization photoelectron secondary ion coincidence method. The(More)
Time-dependent wave packet quantum scattering (TWQS) calculations are presented for HD(+) (v = 0 - 3;j(0)=1) + He collisions in the center-of-mass collision energy (E(T)) range of 0.0-2.0 eV. The present TWQS approach accounts for Coriolis coupling and uses the ab initio potential energy surface of Palmieri et al. [Mol. Phys. 98, 1839 (2000)]. For a fixed(More)
The endothermic proton transfer reaction, H2+(upsilon+)+He-->HeH+ + H(DeltaE=0.806 eV), is investigated over a broad range of reactant vibrational levels using high-resolution vacuum ultraviolet to prepare reactant ions either through excitation of autoionization resonances, or using the pulsed-field ionization-photoelectron-secondary ion coincidence(More)
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