Rainer A. Deutschmann

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Optical ow elds are a primary source of information about the visual scene in technical and biological systems. In a step towards a system for real time scene analysis we h a v e developed two new algorithms for the parallel computation of the direction of motion eld in 2-D. We have successfully implemented these algorithms in analog VLSI hardware such that(More)
Semiconductors are ubiquitous in device electronics, because their charge distributions can be conveniently manipulated with voltages to perform logic operations. Achieving a similar level of control over the spin degrees of freedom, either from electrons or nuclei, could provide intriguing prospects for both information processing and the study of(More)
We examine the cavity resonance tuning of high-Q silicon photonic crystal heterostructures by localized laser-assisted thermal oxidation using a 532 nm continuous wave laser focused to a 2.5 μm radius spot-size. The total shift is consistent with the parabolic rate law. A tuning range of up to 8.7 nm is achieved with ∼ 30 mW laser powers. Over this tuning(More)
We experimentally investigate the miniband transport in a novel kind of superlattice fabricated by the " cleaved edge overgrowth " method. The structure represents a ÿeld eeect transistor, where the channel consists of an MBE-grown superlattice perpendicular to the current ow. By means of the gate the Fermi energy can be adjusted between the bottom of the(More)
There exist important problems that require the measurement of very fast motion. Common techniques for motion estimation based on sequences of video images usually fail to deliver the correct results for such problems due to the low video rate. We present an analog VLSI based system that determines the motion in real-time. We demonstrate the performance of(More)
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