Raine Rönnholm

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In this paper we analyze k-ary inclusion-exclusion logic, INEX[k], which is obtained by extending first order logic with k-ary inclusion and exclusion atoms. We show that every formula of INEX[k] can be expressed with a formula of k-ary existential second order logic, ESO[k]. Conversely, every formula of ESO[k] with at most k-ary free relation variables can(More)
We introduce versions of game-theoretic semantics (GTS) for Alternating-Time Temporal Logic (ATL). In GTS, truth is defined in terms of existence of a winning strategy in a semantic evaluation game, and thus the game-theoretic perspective appears in the framework of ATL on two semantic levels: on the object level, in the standard semantics of the strategic(More)
We develop a game-theoretic semantics (GTS) for the fragment ATL + of the Alternating-time Temporal Logic ATL * , essentially extending a recently introduced GTS for ATL. We show that the new game-theoretic semantics is equivalent to the standard compositional semantics of ATL + (with perfect-recall strategies). Based on the new semantics, we provide an(More)
In this paper we study the expressive power of k-ary exclusion logic, EXC[k], that is obtained by extending first order logic with k-ary exclusion atoms. It is known that without arity bounds exclusion logic is equivalent with dependence logic. From the translations between them we see that the expressive power of EXC[k] lies in between k-ary and (k +1)-ary(More)
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