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Given the continually increasing amount of commercial Cloud services in the market, evaluation of different services plays a significant role in cost-benefit analysis or decision making for choosing Cloud Computing. In particular, employing suitable metrics is essential in evaluation implementations. However, to the best of our knowledge, there is not any(More)
Given the diversity of commercial Cloud services, performance evaluations of candidate services would be crucial and beneficial for both service customers (e.g. cost-benefit analysis) and providers (e.g. direction of service improvement). Before an evaluation implementation, the selection of suitable factors (also called parameters or variables) plays a(More)
Background: Cloud Computing is increasingly booming in industry with many competing providers and services. Accordingly, evaluation of commercial Cloud services is necessary. However, the existing evaluation studies are relatively chaotic. There exists tremendous confusion and gap between practices and theory about Cloud services evaluation. Aim: To(More)
Cloud Computing, as one of the most promising computing paradigms, has become increasingly accepted in industry. Numerous commercial providers have started to supply public Cloud services, and corresponding performance evaluation is then inevitably required for Cloud provider selection or cost-benefit analysis. Unfortunately, inaccurate and confusing(More)
Cloud Computing has been increasingly accepted as a promising computing paradigm in industry, with one of the most common delivery models being Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). An increasing number of providers have started to supply public IaaS services with different terminologies, definitions, and goals. As such, understanding the full scope of(More)
Benchmark suites are significant for evaluating various aspects of Cloud services from a holistic view. However, there is still a gap between using benchmark suites and achieving holistic impression of the evaluated Cloud services. Most Cloud service evaluation work intended to report individual benchmarking results without delivering summary measures. As a(More)
Commercial Cloud services have been increasingly supplied to customers in industry. To facilitate customers' decision makings like cost-benefit analysis or Cloud provider selection, evaluation of those Cloud services are becoming more and more crucial. However, compared with evaluation of traditional computing systems, more challenges will inevitably appear(More)
It is with great pleasure and privilege that we are organising the 1st Workshop at WICSA on Architecting Cloud Computing Applications and Systems. Cloud Computing is a popular topic in the IT industry right now, it is timely that we have the opportunity to share research results and practitioner experiences at WICSA, particularly focusing on the various(More)
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