Raina-Lianne Kruger

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Aim: To investigate the determinants of overweight and obesity among 10-to 15-year-old schoolchildren in a population in the transitional phase in the North West Province of South Africa. Methods: A cross-sectional survey was used to investigate weight status (anthropo-metric indicators) and determinants of overweight/obesity including dietary intake,(More)
Psychiatric emergency patients range along a continuum from persons who present to the service with specific requests for help, to individuals who are brought to the service in handcuffs against their will for reasons they do not understand. In addition, studies suggest that psychiatric emergency patients' wishes and expectations often fall outside the(More)
Two studies were conducted to compare various aspects of child molesters, non-sexual offenders, and community-based nonoffenders. These studies were aimed at examining some implications of our general model of sexual offending. Study 1 compared the responses of these 3 groups on measures of self-esteem, attitudes toward women and children, and social(More)
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