Raimund Sterz

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OBJECTIVES This study evaluated the patients' perspective of burden of disease among 505 patients with severe, long-standing rheumatoid arthritis receiving adalimumab. METHODS Health-related quality-of-life and resource use data were collected during a 144-week open-label study. RESULTS Adalimumab maintained pain control and reduced the duration of(More)
A series of straight chain aliphatic alcohols from ethanol to octanol were tested at voltage-clamped frog endplates. In the presence of high concentrations of ethanol (greater than 1 M) the individual current responses to ionophoretic pulses of ethanol were reduced in amplitude and the dose-response curve for acetylcholine was shifted to the right. All the(More)
1. Quantitative ionophoresis at the neuromuscular junction is possible when (a) the drug is released from appropriate distances (15--20 micrometer for most drugs), (b) the topology of receptors is known and (c) high resistance drug pipettes (100--200 M omega) are sued. 2. With this method, drug concentration-endplate conductance relations were determined in(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The objective of this study was to examine health care costs and utilization and the risks of dialysis or mortality among diabetic predialysis chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients with and without secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT). METHODS This retrospective, matched cohort study examined insurance claims from 703 adult diabetic(More)
Acute heart failure (AHF) is the leading cause of hospital admission among older Americans. The Randomized EValuation of Intravenous Levosimendan Efficacy (REVIVE II) trial compared patients randomly assigned to a single infusion of levosimendan (levo) or placebo (SOC), each in addition to local standard treatments for AHF. We report an economic analysis of(More)
BACKGROUND The German Palivizumab Registry refers to a post-marketing observational study of palivizumab administration during 5 consecutive respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) seasons (2002/2003 -2006/2007). PATIENTS AND METHODS The registry provided data on drug administration, risk factors for complicated RSV disease, rehospitalisation rates for infants(More)
Anticholinesterase drugs induce antidromic firing of motor axons in mammalian nerve-muscle preparations. Antidromic firing is observed in response to a conditioning stimulus applied to the nerve and hence is known as “back-firing”; the present investigation intends to clarify the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon. Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) was(More)
Obesity is associated with major health risks and a high economic burden impacting on health care systems. This study utilises the latest evidence from randomised clinical trials (RCTs) to explore and to assess the cost effectiveness of sibutramine in combination with diet and lifestyle advice compared to diet and lifestyle advice alone for the treatment of(More)
In a multicentre study patients with liver metastases stratified to the histology of the primary tumour were investigated. A total of 102 patients with colorectal adenocarcinoma, non-small-cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, primary liver carcinoma and malignant melanoma were treated with the thioether lipid ilmofosine. The drug was administered orally as(More)