Raimund A. M. Mauermayer

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Retrieving far-field radar cross-section information from near-field data is a well-established methodology. However, existing algorithms impose many restrictions on the underlying measurement procedure. In this paper, algorithms are presented which are based on plane-wave decompositions and hierarchical groupings. Consequently, arbitrarily located(More)
Time gating is one of the most widespread techniques to suppress the effect of unwanted echoes on antenna measurements. It just requires the measurement of the antenna under test (AUT) for a carefully chosen bandwidth and frequency step size and the isolation of the direct AUT signal contribution from the echo contribution in time domain is quite intuitive.(More)
The compactness of antenna arrays is highly restricted due to the mutual coupling effect between radiation elements, which degrades the arrays' performances with respect to impedance matching, radiation efficiency, and antenna diversity. A two-port compact printed monopole antenna array with a novel and simple decoupling structure based on partially(More)
Shotcrete techniques under compressed air are increasingly applied in the construction of tunnels. Up to now little is known about the influence of shotcrete dusts on the function of the lung. The lung function of 30 miners working with shotcrete under compressed air (before and after one shift) was measured. They carried personal air samplers to assess the(More)
Antenna miniaturization is highly demanded for modern communication devices. In this paper, a novel concept for designing low profile near-edge antennas is introduced. The proposed antenna is based on a planar resonator structure. The antenna operates around 2.45 GHz and 2.8 GHz. Broad operation bandwidth is achieved by multiple resonance modes excitation.(More)
The fast irregular antenna field transformation algorithm (FIAFTA) is extended by the asymptotic high frequency methods geometrical optics (GO) and the uniform geometrical theory of diffraction (UTD) to consider the effect of electrically large scattering objects in near-field antenna measurement setups. The extension is realized by decomposing the(More)
Novel antenna element and array designs with very small space occupation for low-profile mobile applications are presented. The proposed antennas can be integrated at the contour of mobile devices. The antennas operate in two frequency bands around 2.4 and 5.5 GHz, corresponding to the common wireless local area network (WLAN) bands. By utilizing multiple(More)
The spherical multipole based near-field far-field transformation is extended to near-field antenna measurements above a perfectly electrically conducting (PEC) ground plane. As the effect of the ground plane is considered in the transformation by applying the image principle to the spherical modes radiated by the device under test (DUT), the near-field(More)
The level of cadmium (cd) concentration was determined in organs of 130 men and women. This study was conducted on living human beings who, in their occupation, haven't had extraordinary cd-exposure. Samples of tissues taken during operation were evaluated as well as urine samples (24 hours specimen), blood, an extended patient history including occupation(More)