Raimonds Simanovskis

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J.Barzdin [Bar74] has proved that there are classes of total recursive {unctions which are FX-identifiable but their union is not. We prove that there are no 3 classes U I, U~, U s such that U~uU 2, UIuU 3, and U2uU s would be in EX but UIMU2uU3~ EX. For FINidentification there are 3 classes with the above-mentioned properly and there are no 4 classes Uj, U(More)
In this paper we investigate in which cases unions of identi$able classes are also necessarily identi$able. We consider identi$cation in the limit with bounds on mindchanges and anomalies. Though not closed under the set union, these identi$cation types still have features resembling closedness. For each of them we $nd n such that (1) if every union of n −(More)
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