Raimond Jacquemard

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AIMS The study researched alcohol consumption and drinking patterns before and during pregnancy. METHOD This was a 1 month self report survey of postnatal women from 21 May-22 June 2006. A multiple choice questionnaire was handed out to them on the first or second postnatal day. RESULTS There were a total of 117 deliveries. The questionnaire was(More)
A simple procedure of reconstitution of the angle of His applied to the treatment of hiatus hernia and malposition of the greater tuberosity is reported. Applied to 242 cases, it presents compared with the classical procedure several advantages : easy to carry out, including no complex manoevre, it does not endanger the vagus nerve and maintains firmly the(More)
50 cases of low colorectal anastomosis (between 3 to 10 cm from the anal verge) are reported. They have been done with the EEA stapling device after resection for rectal or rectosigmoïdal carcinomas. The peroperative incidents (5 cases) and details to prevent them are described. A protective colostomy was done in 10 cases. No leak had been observed.(More)