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Software system size provides a basis for software cost estimation and management during software development The most widely used product size metric for the specification level is Albrecht's Function Point Analysis (FPA). Symons has suggested an alternative for this metric called the Mark lI metric. This metric is simpler, more easily scalable, and better(More)
The size of a software system provides a basis for the estimation of software cost during software development. Hence, it is important to measure the system size reliably as early as possible. Two best known specification level metrics are Albrecht's Function Points and DeMarco's Function Bang which, however, lack automated estimation support. We(More)
purnose: To evaluate epithelial cell migration following cornea1 epithelial wound in the rat eye. Methods: Central cornea1 abrasion (3 mm) was done in one eye of 42 rats; the fellow eyf served as a control. Intraperitoneal [Ii ]-thyeidine was injected. Three eyes were studied histologically and autoradio-graphically at 1 hr, 3 hr. 6 hr. and 21 d. The(More)
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