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Software system size provides a basis for software cost estimation and management during software development The most widely used product size metric for the specification level is Albrecht's Function Point Analysis (FPA). Symons has suggested an alternative for this metric called the Mark lI metric. This metric is simpler, more easily scalable, and better(More)
  • R. Rask, P. K. Jensen
  • 1995
• Background: Important prognostic information may be gained from knowledge of the volume and, over time, the change in volume of intraocular tumours such as choroidal melanomas. • Methods: The precision and time consumption of three different ultrasonographic methods were evaluated. Seven choroidal melanomas were analysed after placement of a ruthenium(More)
The size of a software system provides a basis for the estimation of software cost during software development. Hence, it is important to measure the system size reliably as early as possible. Two best known specification level metrics are Albrecht's Function Points and DeMarco's Function Bang which, however, lack automated estimation support. We(More)
Corneal epithelial healing velocity was determined in patients admitted to excimer laser photo refractive keratectomy, by daily video planimetry of the denuded area until complete healing. The epithelial healing process was followed in fellow eyes with regard to intervals between surgery of the two eyes of 1 to 10 weeks. In cases where the fellow eye was(More)
To objective determine the area of corneal abrasion, a video camera was connected to a slit-lamp. The videosignal was digitized and analyzed by a computer program. The maximal horizontal and vertical diameters were measured as well as the total abraded area. The algorithms of calculating healing velocity of corneal epithelium are discussed, and this system(More)
Segmental or atypical resection was performed in 25 out of 1120 (2.2%) patients operated on for lung cancer. The choice was determined by concomitant pathology and old age. No fatalities were registered in the postoperative period. Five-year survival in the segmental and atypical resection group was 33.3%. The procedure discussed may be recommended if(More)
To increase the accuracy of intraocular lens power calculation, an interface between an ultrasonic A-scanning device and a personal computer was created, allowing for an on-line interpretation of the ultrasonogram in an M-mode fashion. On the same computer display, a video recording of the movements of the transducer probe relative to the eye was inserted(More)