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Investigation of NOx precursor compounds and other combustion by-products in the primary combustion zone of a waste-incineration plant using on-line, real-time mass spectrometry and Fourier-transform
On-line analysis of trace and bulk gas compounds in the burning chamber of a waste-incineration plant has been performed, with high temporal resolution, by use of a variety of distinctly differentExpand
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Drive assembly with an internal combustion engine and an electric machine
The invention relates to a drive assembly comprising an internal combustion engine (1), a transmission (3) with a first clutch (K1-coupling) and therebetween an electric machine (2) and a furtherExpand
Korrosion durch Beläge und Salzschmelzen
The enterprise is comprised of three parts: - Corrosion investigations in laboratory weathering experiments - Phase analyses of actual deposits from a waste incineration plant - Flow simulationExpand
Module de chaîne cinématique pour véhicule à moteur
L'invention concerne un module de chaine cinematique pour vehicule a moteur, comprenant : une piece de connexion (112; 212) d'un arbre de commande transmettant un couple d'entrainement d'un moteur aExpand
Electrically operated clutch means
The invention relates to an electrically operated clutch means for selectively establishing and releasing a rotationally fixed connection between a control shaft (18; 18 ') and a co-axially on theExpand
Achsantrieb für ein Kraftfahrzeug
Achsantrieb fur ein Kraftfahrzeug, umfassend - eine Elektromaschine zur Erzeugung eines Momentes, - ein Differential zur Verteilung eines eingeleiteten Momentes an mit dem Differential koppelbareExpand
Oil pump assembly for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to an oil pump assembly (1) for a motor vehicle, with an oil pump (2) comprising a pump part (3) and an electric pump motor (4), wherein the pump part (3) is in operativeExpand
Powertrain module for a motor vehicle
Drive train module for a motor vehicle, comprising - an outer casing (10), - a set configured as an internal rotor electric machine (22) having a housing-fixed stator (220) and a radially within theExpand