Raimar J. Scherer

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SUMMARY The idea of a shared product data repository that can be efficiently used in distributed concurrent engineering environments takes practical shape with the ripening of the IFC platform. However, structured methods for defining and deriving different partial model views that can easily be used by domain-specific applications are not yet available.(More)
SUMMARY: The Internet is being increasingly used as a communication backbone of the construction industry. Through Web browsers and other standard tools, design and planning communication and information exchange take place. Several dotcom companies are offering such collaboration environments for rent. However, these environments are closed,(More)
This article describes a collaboration methodology for virtual organizations where the processes can be automatically executed using a hybrid web service, grid or cloud resources. Typically, the process of deriving executable workflows from process models is cumbersome and can be automated only in part or specific to a particular distributed system. The(More)
Almost no construction project performs totally as planned as dynamic changes are frequently needed. These changes can be ascribed to the high uncertainty, which is evaluated as potential causes of risks and risks is in turn are evaluated as potential causes of plan changes. Several concepts from the Business Process Modeling domain are adopted to build an(More)
Many requirements to product data technology for concurrent engineering can be most efficiently satisfied through the application of advanced client/server architectures enhanced with appropriate knowledge-based methods. This paper outlines the basic design considerations for a knowledge-based product data client/server system and suggests a development(More)
Projects in the building industry are extremely dynamic and affected by several constraints. Therefore, common principles should be established throughout the construction industry that allows flexibly specifying and combining construction project information for the inter-organisational collaboration. New members should be supported to join and leave the(More)
  • C J Chapo, J B Paul, +33 authors Yu P
  • 1998
It is commonly thought that amino acids and peptides exist in a neutral configuration (protonated carboxylic acid and deproto-nated amine) in the gas-phase 1,2 because zwitterionic charge separation is unfavorable in the absence of solvation. However, a recent report suggested that the most stable form of gaseous arginine is actually zwitterionic. 3 In this(More)