Raik Niemann

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The efficient execution of multi-criteria queries has gained increasing interest over the last years. In the present paper we propose an R-tree based approach for queries addressing textual as well as geographic filter conditions. Whereas most previous approaches use an index structure optimised for a single criterion adding special treatment for the other(More)
FAM40B (STRIP2) is a member of the striatin-interacting phosphatase and kinase (STRIPAK) complex that is involved in the regulation of various processes such as cell proliferation and differentiation. Its role for differentiation processes in embryonic stem cells (ESCs) is till now completely unknown. Short hairpin RNA (shRNA)-mediated silencing of Fam40b(More)
The ability to accurately simulate and predict the metrics (e.g. performance and energy consumption) of data management systems offers several benefits. It can save investments in both time and hardware. A prominent example is the resource planning. Given a specific use case, a datacenter operator is able to find the most performant or most energy efficient(More)
Since GNU/Linux became a popular operating system on computer network routers, its packet routing mechanisms attracted more interest. This does not only concern " big " Linux servers acting as a router but more and more small and medium network access devices, such as DSL or cable access devices. Although there are a lot of documents dealing with high(More)