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The efficient execution of multi-criteria queries has gained increasing interest over the last years. In the present paper we propose an R-tree based approach for queries addressing textual as well as geographic filter conditions. Whereas most previous approaches use an index structure optimised for a single criterion adding special treatment for the other(More)
Essentiale and Lipostabil contain "essential" phospholipids from the soybean, mainly 1,2-dilinoleoyl-phosphatidylcholine (CAS 998-06-1, DLPC) which is considered as the main active ingredient. A single oral dose of d15-DLPC loaded with deuterium 9 times in the choline and 6 times in the linoleic acid of the 1-position was given to volunteers. Sera from 11(More)
Tacalcitol is a vitamin D analogue which ahs been developed for the therapy of psoriasis vulgaris. The treatment with a twice daily application of 2 micrograms/g ointment is efficacious and safe in Japanese patients. The objective of this randomized, placebo-controlled, intraindividual right-left comparison was to investigate the efficacy and safety of 8(More)
Nowadays developers and end users of data management systems are challenged with the reduction of the "energy consumption footprint" of existing implementations and configurations. In other words, the energy efficiency has to be optimized, either by increasing the performance or by consuming less resources. In fact, there is a big number of factors that(More)
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In the last couple of years it became more difficult for end users of data management system to optimize existing systems for performance and energy consumption. The reasons are the big number of data management systems to chose from, extensive use cases and a variety of hardware configurations. The number of factors that influence the performance and(More)
Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page. To copy otherwise, to republish, to post on servers or to redistribute to(More)
Since GNU/Linux became a popular operating system on computer network routers, its packet routing mechanisms attracted more interest. This does not only concern “big” Linux servers acting as a router but more and more small and medium network access devices, such as DSL or cable access devices. Although there are a lot of documents dealing with high(More)