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An important future applicationo ft he German electronich ealth card (elektronische Gesundheitskarte, eGK) is then ationalP ersonalH ealth Record (PHR),because it enablesacitizen to storeand retrieve sensitivemedical data in a secure ands elf-determined manner. As thes toredd atai se ncrypted with an eGK-specificc ertificatea nd retrieving thee ncrypted(More)
Although national eHealth strategies have existed now for more than a decade in many countries, they have been implemented with varying success. In Germany, the eHealth strategy so far has resulted in a roll out of electronic health cards for all citizens in the statutory health insurance, but in no clinically meaningful IT-applications. The aim of this(More)
Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC)policies are based on mutually processable pol-icya ttributes. Assigned permissions in such policies need to be reflected or combined with organ-isational constraints. Best practice in information security dictates having the operational need to access aparticular information artifact independent from the function of the(More)
Anwendungenz ur sektorübergreifendenK ommunikationi m Gesundheitswesens tellenf ür derenB etreiber (z.B .K liniken)g roße Investitionen mito ftmalsu nsicheremM arktpotenzial dar. Es istd aher wesentlich, dass die einmal aufgebautenD ienste füre ineV ielzahlv on Anwendungenm it-und nach-nutzbar sind. In diesem Papier wird am Beispiel(More)
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