Raida Elmansouri

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The Unified Modeling Language (UML) has become a widely accepted standard in the object oriented software development industry. However, the UML is a semi-formal language which lacks precisely defined constructs. On the other hand, CSP language is a formal specification language. So, UML and CSP have complementary features: UML can be used for modeling(More)
Nowadays, with the emergence and the evolution of new technologies, such as e-business, a large number of companies are connected to Internet, and have proposed web services to trade. Web services as presented, are conceptually limited components to relatively simple functionalities. Generally, a single service does not satisfy the users needs that are more(More)
UML is a standard language for object-oriented paradigm with an open notation and several concepts to be widely used in software modeling. However, the poorness of modeling languages to deal with simulation and verification has actuated researchers to use formal representations. Maude is the specification language of rewriting logic that allows simulation(More)
This paper presents an approach for transforming UML Statecharts to General Stochastics Petri Nets. Unified Modelling Language (UML) is considered to be the standarditized language for modelling and describing systems behaviours for analysis. In other hand, Petri Net models are tools for the performance analysis of distributed systems. Graph grammars aims(More)
It is now recognized that UML is considered nowadays as the standardized language for object oriented modeling and analysis. However, UML cannot be used for automatic analysis and simulation. So, UML needs a well-defined semantic base for its notation. Petri nets are a formal and graphical language appropriate for systems modelling and analysis. ECATNets(More)
In this paper we propose a graph transformation based approach and a tool for transforming business patterns to Colored Petri nets for which efficient analysis techniques exist. First, we specify business patterns and Colored Petri nets MetaModels in UML Class Diagram formalism with the Meta-Modelling tool Atom3, then we generate visual modelling tools(More)