Rahuvaran Pathmanathan

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Recent focus on sustainability has made consumers more aware of our joint responsibility for conserving energy resources such as electricity. However, reducing electricity use can be difficult with only a meter and a monthly or annual electricity bill. With the emergence of new power meters units, information on electricity consumption is now available(More)
We report a design investigation that seeks to help people to conserve water in their homes through the use of mobile technology. To persuade people to use water more wisely, one approach is to give them tailored information about their water use and about other people's usage. Investigating this approach, a mobile application was implemented to explore the(More)
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. We no longer see it as solely the responsibility of governments or large corporations, but we are asking ourselves how we as individuals can contribute to the well-being and maintenance of the world we live in. This paper explores the use of mobile persuasive technology to promote(More)
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