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Systemic risk, here meant as the risk of default of a large portion of the financial system, depends on the network of financial exposures among institutions. However, there is no widely accepted methodology to determine the systemically important nodes in a network. To fill this gap, we introduce, DebtRank, a novel measure of systemic impact inspired by(More)
We analyse time series of CDS spreads for a set of major US and European institutions in a period overlapping the recent financial crisis. We extend the existing methodology of ε-drawdowns to the one of joint ε-drawups, in order to estimate the conditional probabilities of spike-like co-movements among pairs of spreads. After correcting for randomness and(More)
There has been resurgence in the consumption and demand for medicinal plants.Medicinal plants are finding use as Pharmaceuticals, Neuraceuticles,Cosmetics and Food supplements. Even as Tradicinal source of medicinal and they continue to play pivotal role. Fenugreek was used to ease childbirth and to increase milk flow. It is still taken by Egyptian women(More)
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