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The aim is to review and discuss the etiology, incidence, anatomic features, classification, diagnosis and management of the C-shaped canal configuration. C-shaped canal configuration is a variation that has a racial predilection and is commonly seen in mandibular second molars. The intricacies present in this variation of canal morphology can pose a(More)
External tooth resorption usually follows trauma to the periodontal ligament. It can be classified into five categories based on its clinical and histological manifestations. Calcium hydroxide has long been used as an intracanal medicament to slow down the resorption process due to its alkaline pH. A combination of both external and internal resorptions can(More)
Resorption is a pathologic process that often eludes the clinician with its varied etiologic factors and diverse clinical presentations. The key cells involved in tooth resorption are odontoclasts which are multinucleated cells that produce resorption lacunae. Resorption can be classified as internal and external resorption. Internal resorption has been(More)
Fusion is a developmental anomaly characterized by the union of two adjacent teeth. In this paper we report a rare case of fusion involving permanent mandibular second molar with supernumerary tooth. The rarity with which this entity appears, along with its complex characteristics, often makes it difficult to treat. The use of high-end diagnostic imaging(More)
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