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In past few years, automatic irrigation system has seen a rapid growth in terms of technology. At present cost-saving technology, labor-saving are the addressing key issues in irrigation. This paper gives a review of these systems based on existing technologies and also proposes an economical and generic automatic irrigation system based on wireless sensors(More)
The creation of an automated method for determining 3D protein structure would be invaluable to the eld of biology and presents an interesting challenge to computer science. Unfortunately , given the current level of protein knowledge, a completely automated solution method is not yet feasible; therefore, our group has decided to integrate existing(More)
We describe a framework that combines a combinatorial approach, pattern matching and automated deduction to generate and solve geometry problems for high school mathematics. Such a system would help teachers to quickly generate large numbers of questions on a geometry topic. Students can explore and revise specific topics covered in classes and textbooks(More)
This work describes the receding horizon control of an inside air temperature of greenhouse using the grey wolf optimization algorithms based on constraints on manipulative variables. Its performance being compared with that of Genetic algorithm and Particle swarm optimization. Classical control methods are difficult to implement for greenhouse air(More)
We propose a difficulty model for generating questions across formal domains according to the difficulty level provided by the user. Our model is interactive and adaptive to user input. The model uses predefined factors for measuring the difficulty and a user defines the difficulty level by ordering these factors. We use lexicographical ordering to compare(More)
The paper proposes a 720 Mbps visible light communication (VLC) system using 64-QAM-OFDM signals. Transmission of signals is achieved by modulating red, green and blue (RGB) light emitting diodes (LEDs) and transmitting all three wavelengths over free space optical (FSO) channel after subcarrier multiplexing (SCM) of 64-QAM-OFDM signals on two RF carriers.(More)
In this paper, a simple hybrid radio-over fiber network that can transmit a different quadrature amplitude modulated (QAM) signals simultaneously over a 50-km fiber link is investigated. Simulation results indicate that a maximum of 162 Mbps-64QAM and 108 Mbps-16QAM signals can be sent simultaneously using Optical Single Side Band (OSSB) generation(More)
The effect of edge perturbation in vertex-fed polygonal patch antennas is studied and analyzed. A polygram shape is obtained by perturbing the edge of polygon. Here, edges of a pentagon and a hexagon are perturbed to obtain a pentagram and hexagram respectively. Pentagram and hexagram patch designs are simulated for different angles (θ) formed when(More)
We extend our previously proposed framework that combines a combinatorial approach, pattern matching and automated deduction to generate geometry questions which, directly or indirectly, require finding the congruent regions formed by the intersection of geometric objects. The extension involves proposing a knowledge representation for regions and a(More)