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In the literature of Round-Robin scheduling scheme, each job is processed, one after the another after giving a fix quantum. In case of First-come first-served, each process is executed, if the previously arrived processed is completed. Both these scheduling schemes are used in this paper as its special cases. A Markov chain model is used to compare several(More)
Large number of research papers are available in the form of un-structured (text) format. Knowledge discovery in un-structured document has been recognized as promising task. These documents are typically formatted for human viewing, which varies widely from document to document. Frequent change in their formatting causes difficulties in constructing a(More)
World Wide Web is growing rapidly in recent years. User's experience on the internet can be improved by minimizing user's web access latency. This can be done by predicting the next step taken by user towards the accessing of web page in advance, so that the predicted web page can be prefetched and cached. So to improve the quality of web services, it is(More)
InVeTraS (intelligent vehicular transportation system) is proposed as a vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) anti-collision mechanism that determines, estimates and absolves collision courses between two or more vehicles based on a correlative and cooperative wireless networking concept. The problem of collision avoidance is abstracted to the generic problem of(More)
Data cleaning is one of the important step of KDD (Knowledge discovery in database) process. One critical problem in data cleaning is the presence of missing values. Various approaches have proposed to find & replace such missing data including use of mean value, use of global constant, replace by more probable value etc. Imputation is one of the important(More)
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