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Social Network Analysis has emerged as a key paradigm in modern sociology, technology, and information sciences. The paradigm stems from the view that the attributes of an individual in a network are less important than their ties (relationships) with other individuals in the network. Exploring the nature and strength of these ties can help understand the(More)
Online Internet applications see dynamic workloads that fluctuate over multiple time scales. This paper argues that the non-stationarity in Internet application workloads, which causes the request mix to change over time, can have a significant impact on the overall processing demands imposed on data center servers. We propose a novel mix-aware dynamic(More)
With the ever-growing competition in telecommunications markets, operators have to increasingly rely on business intelligence to offer the right incentives to their customers. Existing approaches for telecom business intelligence have almost solely focused on the individual behavior of customers. In this paper, we use the call detail records of a mobile(More)
The neutrophil-specific G-protein-coupled chemokine receptors, CXCR1 and CXCR2, bind with high affinity to the potent chemoattractant interleukin-8 (IL-8). The mechanisms of IL-8 receptor regulation are not well defined, although previous studies have suggested a process of ligand-promoted internalization as a putative regulatory pathway. Herein, we provide(More)
Chemokines and IFN-gamma function as central regulators of inflammatory responses to vascular injury. Both classes of cytokines are upregulated during restenosis, a response to vascular injury that leads to recurrent atherosclerotic plaque growth, but the relative impact of each class of cytokines remains undetermined. M-T7 is a secreted myxoma viral(More)
Analyzing 210 developing country private equity investments, we find that transactions vary with nations’ legal enforcement, whether measured directly or through legal origin. Investments in high enforcement and common law nations often use convertible preferred stock with covenants. In low enforcement and civil law nations, private equity groups tend to(More)
Cloud computing platforms are becoming increasingly popular for e-commerce applications that can be scaled on-demand in a very cost effective way. Dynamic provisioning is used to autonomously add capacity in multi-tier cloud-based applications that see workload increases. While many solutions exist to provision tiers with little or no state in applications,(More)
Lymphatic filariasis is caused by filarial nematode parasites, including Brugia malayi. Adult worms live in the lymphatic system and cause a strong immune reaction that leads to the obstruction of lymph vessels and swelling of the extremities. Chronic disease leads to the painful and disfiguring condition known as elephantiasis. Current drug therapy is(More)
Balancing a data center’s reliability, cost, and carbon emissions is challenging. For instance, data centers designed for high availability require a continuous flow of power to keep servers powered on, and must limit their use of clean, but intermittent, renewable energy sources. In this paper, we present Yank, which uses transient server abstraction to(More)